Culture Night 2017

Thank you to the very large group of people who turned up for our #culturenight2017 Art, Architecture and Revisionist History walking tour. Instead of being a tour of the whole walled city, we only managed to do the upper half, since there were too many exciting distractions along the way. Thank you to St Columb’s Cathedral, St Augustine’s Church and First Derry Presbyterian Church for making us feel so welcome.IMG_4837

Every day is a school day and the new fact I learned was that the pew seats in First Derry had slots underneath to suspend your top hat from, during services.


It was great chatting to others such as Centre for Contemporary Art  and Smart Swag to find out how #culturenight2017 went for them. We promise we will do a full morning/afternoon and less manic Art, Architecture and Revisionist History Walking Tour when the seasons allow us to plan ahead. See our events page