Derry Walls SketchThe best way to see the Derry Walls is to walk around the exterior of the monument, exiting the Walled City  through Butcher Gate, passing through Bishop’s Gate into the Fountain and entering the Walled City by New Gate. On this route, which follows the line of a now-lost, dry moat, you will pass three surviving full bastions – Royal, Double and Church – and a demi-bastion.

A walk around the top of the ramparts, provides an elevated promenade to see how the city has developed out beyond the Walls. The Derry Walls are approximately a mile in circumference and take in both the highest and lowest points on what used to be the Island of Derry.  The usual arrival point for the Derry Walls is in Guildhall Square ascending the Walls at the steps or ramp through Magazine Gate. An equally pleasant arrival point is in Bishop Street Without, ascending the steps at Bishop’s  Gate or using Stable Lane.

Living History Performers on Church Bastion on Derry Walls Day 2016
Living history performers bringing the 400 year history of the Derry Walls to life. From left to right are 17th C Merchant Taylor, 17th C Master Cutler, 17th C Master Mason, 18th C Presbyterian Minister, 17th C Apprentice Cutler, 19th C Sister of Mercy, 19th C Gravedigger, 18th C Dean’s Daughter and 17th C Siege Hero.

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