Meet the Intern: Beth Ellis

(Featured picture – being Introduced to Rev. Malcolm Ferry of St Augustine’s)

Hi everyone, my name is Beth and I will be joining the Friends of the Derry Walls team for the next month as an intern. I have just recently graduated in Advertising from Ulster University, and will be working to help with marketing and promoting the Derry Walls as a cultural destination. The walls themselves encircle a variety of civic and community based museums, arts venues and craft shops that tell the stories of Derry, and I see that it’s important for these elements to be leveraged with regards to tourism in Derry.

Spending the last 4 years studying in Derry, I have grown to love the city which is full of history and heritage. During my degree I was lucky enough to work on projects related to the Derry Walls and various local organisations in Derry; I believe it’s really essential to appreciate the place you live in and I’ve found the experience of working with local businesses to be highly rewarding.

I have also had previous experience working in tourism during my placement year at Tourism Ireland, where I dealt with the management and sourcing of content related to marketing the island of Ireland as a tourism destination.

I look forward to the next 5 weeks of contributing ideas and using my skills in content development and social media, to work towards enhancing the way in which the Derry Walls are marketed.

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