Within and just without the Derry Walls are a cluster of civic and voluntary museums which all contribute to telling, with authentic voices, the shared history of this valiant city.

A London promise delivered – St Columb’s Cathedral and the Chapter House Museum.

Heroes of the Great Siege – The Siege Museum and the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall.

The enigma of St Colmcille – The Long Tower Chapel and St Columba Heritage Centre.

Scots Presbyterians on the frontier – First Derry Presbyterian Church and the Bluecoats Museum.

Birthplace of Northern Ireland’s Civil Rights – Museum of Free Derry.

Keepers of the Story – Civic Museums – Guildhall and Tower Museum.

The Derry Walls were constructed in 1613-1618 to separate the Planter and the Gael. Today their descendants are using the space within and without the city walls to express their shared history. Ancient ramparts, once a potent symbol of division, are now being refashioned into a history trail to engage, inform and inspire citizens and visitors, alike.