Talk and Discussion – Tuesday 16th May 2017 at 7.00 pm

With funding from the Dept of Foreign Affairs in Dublin, the Friends have recently commissioned the QUB to prepare an archaeological research for the ‘island’ of Derry and the Walled City and to undertake some geophysical survey work this summer. The questions we would like answered are:
1. What was the extent of the Dry Moat around the outside of the Walls and how much survives?
2. Between St Augustine’s Church within the Walls and the Long Tower Church without is there any surviving evidence of Derry medieval ecclesiastic and monastic history?
3. Was the Sally Port a tunnel which was just the width of the Derry Walls or did it extend into St Columb’s Cathedral?
QUB and the Friends of the Derry Walls are organising this talk and discussion about the Known Archaeology of the ‘island’ of Derry and the Walled City. Anyone interested in learning more, or who may have information to contribute, is encouraged to register for this event at
The event is being held in the Old City Fire Station by New Gate and places are limited to 30 people.